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  1. I really love my Sonas denim jeans. I went for the black flare denim.  I like how the denim fits my waist and thighs; the cut is just the right balance between accentuating my curves and being ultra comfortable. I've had jeans in the past that were a tight fit and made me look out of shape. There's something about Sonas denim that enhances my figure in a unique way. The flare style is ideal for wearing to work and going out... so not surprising I wear them all the time. I'm also impressed and delighted to get Sonas jeans at a nice price as some of the designer jeans on the market tend to be very expensive. Sonas denim hits all the sweet spots for me.


Sheana OSullivan, Business Development Manager


  1. I recently purchased a pair of jeans from Sonas Denim. At first I was attracted to the originality and craftsmanship of the jeans. I loved the idea of a small and talented company trying to make it in the difficult industry of fashion, and also their positive outlook on the environment and world is really inspiring.

But other than all that, I was truly blown away when I put on my jeans.  I couldn't’t believe how good they felt, they were so slimming and comfortable and fit like a glove.  I wish Gerry and his family all the best of luck in their venture.  I’m positive that it will be a complete success.




Arlene Murphy.


  1. My first pair of Sonas denim jeans was the first pair of designer jeans I have bought in years and they have superseded my expectations!  They are super comfy and have the perfect amount of stretch to have a sexy snug fit but still have room to dance around :). I've seen several different body shapes wearing the same style jean as I bought, and they all look terrific!   I'm excited for my 2nd pair!

Erin Dunkly

  1. I bought the Broadway skinny jeans and I love them from the way that they fit, the quality and how well they were made and how they make me feel when I put them on ! Every time I wear them the amount of people who ask me where I got them and I tell them Sonas Denim of course ! Everyone should have a pair of Sonas Denim jeans in their wardrobe!

Alythea McGrath - Dublin, Ireland


  1. I purchased a pair of sonas jeans 1 year ago. Now I own 3. My husband owns 2 pairs. I love everything about the brand . The jeans are so sexy and I always get attention when wearing them ( let's be honest that's why women spend money on good jeans ). The material really holds it's fit I've worn mine 3 times before washing. Any other jeans I own get baggy after 1 wear.

    My mother owns a vintage clothing store in Dublin , Ireland . I wore my sonas skinny to her opening and everyone wanted the name of the jeans. Now , they are stocked in my mother's store .

    Lisa Lyne
  2. “I absolutely LOVE my Sonas jeans. The patchwork is magical.  I suddenly have curves in all the right places in my Sonas. I highly recommend.”  - Jennielyn Rossi, San Francisco


  1. Love my tie died, patchwork skinny Sonas jeans! As a DJ and a performer, Sonas jeans are perfect with my image and style. They are a true show stopper, besides the cool tie die design, they hug every feminine curve and fit perfectly, made out of supper soft denim material, the back pockets fit perfect on the behind and enhance the butt. I wore and wear many brand name jeans, but Sonas tops off my list as number one. Made in California baby!



                                                                                DJ Marija Dunn

  1. "My new Sonas Denim jeans are even better than I thought possible. I put them on and they look like they were made for me! Your jeans blew me away! They fit me amazingly. You've made a believer out of me, and a lifelong customer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Natalia Shlyapina

  1. I bought a pair of Broadway Skinny jeans six months ago, and they are by far my favorite pair of jeans. Not only are they a perfect fit, but they also have a slimming effect on my legs and bum, which is an added bonus! In addition, I always get compliments on their unique structure and fabric. Finally, they look equally fabulous dressed up with heels and a shimmery or elegant top, as well as dressed down with boots and a funky sweater. Definitely a must have! 

Amanda Dominguez San Francisco