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Sonas Denim was founded by Gerry Kelly an Irish born festival enthusiast from Dublin, Ireland and Christine Garcia, a long time Animal Rights Attorney in San Francisco.

At the young age of 20 Gerry got an itch for travelling after spending a few weeks on holiday in Greece.  The following Summer, he returned to Greece where he sold t-shirts and jewelry on the beach to other fun loving travelers.  When the holiday season came to an end in Greece, he moved on to Turkey, Israel, Sinai and Egypt where he continued to buy clothing and jewelry to sell to fellow travelers to fund his own travelling.  His tastes in fashion were a hit!
After a few years on the road, Gerry went back home to Dublin to visit his family and to rest for a few months before setting out upon the world again.  He had, as they say, “the travel bug.”  He decided to continue his ongoing search of fun music festivals and good times.  He traveled constantly to different festivals around the world, living his dream of attending festivals and meeting new friends.

It is this travel that led Gerry to his introduction to the fashion world.  After traveling to many different festivals and celebrations around the globe, he picked up the handy skill of fashioning his own handmade clothing for these festivities.  But a chance meeting with veteran designer Allen Chevalier after a write up in the California Apparel New's took his vision to the next level. The clothing ranged broadly, but his patched denim jeans became his signature piece and everybody’s favorite!  He custom made over 20 different versions of the patched jeans for his friends.  
Now, enter his wife Christine Garcia a long time Animal Rights Attorney and Activist who has devoted the last fifteen years of her life to saving the lives of over 100 dogs from death row, which is 90% of her cases.  "After spending fifteen years in the court system fighting evil attorneys who want to kill the dogs I represent,  it's finally taking it's toll.  I'm ready to help animals another way."
Gerry and Christine have decided to take Sonas Denim to the next level and build a cruelty free fashion line that gives back.  Sonas Denim donates 10% of net profits to Animal Welfare and is in the process of building their own Animal Sanctuary off Highway 1 between LA and SF with a portion of the profits from their business.  We don't and never will use any animal products such as leather, feathers, silk or wool in any of our designs.
If you would like to learn more about our goals or get involved please feel free to personally email either of us at or 
Sonas ~ (Gaelic translation) happiness, good fortune, prosperity, luck, success, felicity, bliss.
                                           Look Good/Do Good