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Sonas (noun) Happiness; good times; felicity; bliss
(origin) Irish, Scottish, Gaelic

Sonas Denim founder and designer, Gerry Kelly, says his patched denim jeans are inspired by the free spirit of festival fashion.

Sonas embodies Dublin-born Gerry Kelly’s free-spirited, “where’s the party?” philosophy. It’s also the best word to describe his family life and the sentiment behind the Sonas Denim brand.

A pair of jeans should bring you sonas, and Sonas Denim jeans are designed with your happiness – and good-time attitude – in mind.

Comfort meets high fashion at Sonas Denim. We use soft cotton with just enough stretch to move with you when you’re walking down the sidewalk, dancing at a nightclub or reading a book at the beach. We combine this with an elegant design that makes you look fantastic – coming and going!

All companies start small. Sonas Denim started out tiny. Its inception took place in a San Francisco apartment. Gerry and his wife Christine Garcia, an animal rights attorney, sat on their living room floor and pieced together patches of denim to make Gerry a new pair of jeans to wear to the Burning Man festival.

His friends liked them so much that Gerry ended up with 20 orders for custom-made patchwork jeans. Before long, what started out as a hobby – a way to pay for festival tickets and some travelling – turned into a full-time passion.

Denim Industry Icons Lend Names to Sonas Denim 

Perhaps, it’s the luck o’ the Irish, but Gerry quickly connected with two fashion veterans: former supermodel Janice Dickinson and Allen Chevalier, a veteran fashion designer connected to brands such as Guess, Bebe, Fred Segal and Nordstrom.

“These jeans make me the supermodel that I am,” Janice Dickinson said after trying on a pair of Sonas patchwork denim that she asked Gerry to deliver to her Los Angeles home. “I know it’s going to hit big because I’ve worked with every jean label on earth and this is the next big thing.” 

Dickinson’s endorsement gave Sonas Denim credibility. Chevalier is giving Sonas hands-on help. Chevalier, who built his own $25 million a year fashion company and was highly sought after because of his reputation for “fit,” signed on as a consultant/fashion mentor to Gerry. He was so eager to add Sonas to his legacy of success that he slept on Gerry and Christine’s couch for five nights when that was the only “office space” they had.

Comfort + Fit = Fabulous

“It’s a real exciting team, Gerry and I. Gerry’s ambition, his strength, his energy goes with my 45 years of knowledge of being in the fashion industry,” Chevalier says.

Gerry says Chevalier’s help has been indispensable, particularly in creating the perfect blend of comfort and fit in Sonas Denim’s small, but growing line of denim, including the Broadway Skinny, the Mission Hipster and the Polk Street Ultra Skinny.

Different cottons are used for different styles of jeans, but all contain enough stretch to make them both cozy and snug even after worn several times between washings.

Each pair of Sonas Denim patched jeans is made of more than 50 individual pieces that not only give jeans a fashion-forward unique look but also give them an amazing slimming effect.

As Arlene Murphy says, “I was truly blown away when I put on my jeans. I couldn’t believe how good they felt, they were so slimming and comfortable and fit like a glove.”

Building the Sonas Denim Brand

Gerry believes that Sonas Denim patchwork jeans will always be part of its signature brand, but he’s already thinking toward a future that includes a lifestyle brand of Sonas jackets, totes, furniture and more.

One thing that won’t change: Our commitment to ethical, eco-friendly fashion. No animal products of any kind will ever be used in making anything Sonas.

And 10 percent of the net profits of Sonas Brand products will be donated to animal rights and animal protection causes.

Our dream project is to build an animal sanctuary. To learn more about Sonas Denim’s commitment to protecting animals – and why – please visit the Our Cause page