Irish Entrepreneur On A Mission To Build The Sexiest, Best Fitting, Most Stylish Denim Brand In The World

My name's Gerry Kelly, I'm an Entrepreneur from Dublin, Ireland and the founder and CEO of Sonas Denim, a sexy, unique fashion forward denim company originally from San Francisco. For the past 3 years I've put my heart and soul into building the next great denim company. I won't deny it, it's the toughest endeavor I have ever started, but I have made a vow to myself and many other amazing people who have helped me along this journey so far, that I'm going to take it all the way to completion, and I'm a man of my word 

I've done a few tough things in the past such as finishing an Iron man Triathlon, running 150 miles across the Sahara desert in 120 degree's heat with all my clothing and food on my back, just to name a few, but holy @#!%, the fashion business is a different animal.

But hey, I love a Challenge and I've even made up my own quote "As long as i'm breathing, I'll never quit" Gerry Kelly 2011

I have no background in fashion whatsoever, I used to work in construction than I was a bar tender and then I jumped on the real estate bandwagon and lost my ass and now i'm in the fashion arena. 

If you want to read my story, stay tuned, I'll be posting a blog every few weeks, telling you where I came from, my journey to the US and all the do's and don'ts (which I have learnt through trial and error) and my personal journey from idea to opening a store and getting my jeans worn by some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. All grass roots my friends, no big marketing budget here, just yet.

Cheers & Sonas

I look forward to connecting with you all

P.S. That's me with my amazing supportive wife and 9 month old son Gerry Jnr and one of our many unique jeans.